Smart Pandemic & Multi-functional Access Control combines the front end devices and the backend cloud services to assist the companies back to business/office.

Symptom Screen + Preventive Measures

  • One stop pandemic (temperature screen, mask detection, hand sanitization)
  • Customizable self-symptom questionnaires
  • Precise temperature screening (±0.5℃)
  • Stop unauthorized and high risk access


  • Identify the personnel with potential health threats by tracing and tracking the traffic and contact.

Solution Highlights


Easy to install with snap on latch; one step provision via QR code.


Clean UI to guid the users; temperature screening for fast access; friendly mask detection reminder.

Device Administor

Manage users/devices by group; remote data management; security mount with tamper detection.

Pandemic Manager

Customizable self-symptom questionnaires; advanced Health Management and Tracking.

Portal Operation - Overall Features

Learn more about the features of Portal in this video

Portal Operation - Add Users

Learn how to add users in the portal step by step.

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