Pollinator specialize in software, IOT services, and system (hardware and software) integration. Over the past decade, members of our team have successfully integrated, launched and maintained IOT solutions with enterprise software and security. The team members have worked with Foxconn, Sony, Flextronics, Agilent, Osram, Salam Air, among many other companies across the region.

Authorized as software and IOT solutions partner for Foxconn’s Smart Pandemic & Multi-functional Access Control Solution in South East Asia region, Pollinator provides one-stop solution for contactless body temperature scanner. The standard solution checks for body temperature and deny entry for personnel with elevated temperature. Furthermore, the solution also checks for personnel’s obedience on face mask policy. Screening records all kept in a server for future references.

We also provide services in customizing the body temperature scanner solution. Reach out to us for further discussion.